FirstVoices Keyboards




    The latest ground-breaking FirstVoices innovation from the First Peoples' Cultural Council is an Indigenous language keyboard app for Apple and Android mobile devices.

    The FirstVoices Keyboard App contains keyboard software for over 100 languages, and includes every First Nations language in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, plus many languages in the USA.

    When the FirstVoices Keyboard app is installed on a mobile phone or tablet, any one of the 100+ custom keyboards can be activated in any application on the device. Users are able to select their keyboard(s) of choice within their email, social media, word processing or other apps, enabling unlimited communication in their mother language.

    In 2012, First Peoples' Cultural Council launched FirstVoices Chat, enabling Indigenous language speakers to use their own language on Facebook and Google Talk. The FirstVoices Keyboard app is the first such innovation to offer multilingual Indigenous language literacy tools within multiple applications for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

    Interested in learning more about FirstVoices and our other Indigenous language apps? Please email First Peoples' Cultural Council: