Thank you in advance for your participation in the 2017 Bauer World. This event is designed to engage and excite you with our latest product and business innovations in our ongoing effort to maximize your business potential with Bauer. We have a great couple of days planned for you where you will learn and see about the new products we will be launching for Back to Hockey 2018. Along with seeing and learning about the new products, you will see the creative and commercialization plans that we will be using to bring these launches to life with the player and within your retail locations. Our goal is to share our complete launch plans, prior to taking orders, to ensure the right orders can be placed and you can begin to build your marketing plans to support these exciting launches. During the week, we will also be updating you on our strategic initiatives and our focus on improving the industry for the player, retailer and Bauer. And of course, we need to celebrate and enjoy some time with one another!! The team is looking forward to seeing you and furthering our partnership. In order to prepare for your travels, below are a few things to know.