Fun with Shark - Angry Shark in Sea

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    Fun with Shark - Angry Shark in Sea

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    Animals can be good pets, best friends any thing you wish it to be but if they get angry then they can go crazy with anger and hurt you
    It's up to you to decide what you do next when that situation presents itself, whether to slink away or confront the creature head on.

    The best thing you can do when confronted with an angry shark is slowly walk away (or, in some cases, bow and crawl backwards away slowly, acknowledging its supremacy). This application is designed to simulate the effects of what happens when you do NOT do this. Touching and moving an angry crook is a bad idea! If you don't believe us, try the app and see for yourself what can happen.

    * Gets angrier the more you play with it!

    * Hilarious animations

    * Funny shark sounds!

    * Angry shark interactions

    * You also have an option of restart

    * Progressive anger

    * Interface changes as the angry shark gets angrier

    * you have an option of shake inste​a​d of touching the screen

    So here is an app which can show the anger of the shark when you disturb it by touching the screen again and again, sharks anger raises by making different funny and angry sounds. A message will be displaying on the screen about the mood of the cow. As it gets more and more angry sound will change and the expression and colour of the crook changes which represents its anger.
    ​instead of touching the screen you can go to setting and change the option to shake, now you can just shake your mobile to make the crook angry. you have an option of restart which helps you to go to start of the game when ever you want

    Want more angry animals??
    you can now download more angry animals from apple store

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