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    Whether you’re planning a trip to an Korean speaking country or you just want your foreign friends & colleagues to understand you better, Learn Korean Phrases can help you achieve Korean fluency & clarity in the easiest, most enjoyable way possible.
    With Learn Korean Phrases, you can learn how to talk like a native Korean speaker, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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    Why Learn Korean - 5,000 Phrases is better:
    - 5,000 Korean phrases –– an enormous library with accurate phonetic transcriptions and clear pronunciation recordings for learning how to speak and sound like a native speaker.
    - 20 topics divided into 145 subtopics –– explore new phrases with ease through many subtopics that are commonly used in everyday conversations.
    - 60 different languages –– so you’ll feel like you’re learning from a real person who speaks your native language.
    - 11 entertaining, learner-focused games –– that employ "rote learning" technique (repetition), so no more dull, teaching-intensive, classroom-style learning.
    - Offline access –– so you can learn Korean while you’re traveling on a bus or even when you’re at the top of a mountain.
    - Search and Save features –– find phrases in your native language or Korean and save your favorites with a simple tap.
    - 4 difficulty levels for learning at your own pace –– from beginner to expert.
    - Unlock all the levels for FREE using "flower points" –– earn more for every correct answer you make.

    Learn How to Talk Like a Native Speaker! Install Learn Korean Phrases for FREE!

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