Everyday life is busy. And as a result, our spiritual lives are often neglected. But that doesn't have to be the case. With the GoDisciple app you get more than a church event app just for members. The app is for ever believer wanting to be discipled and grow closer to Jesus. The app has built into it an assessment questionnaire that will gather scripture to strengthen the user in the areas that they need help. These scripture can be scheduled to arrive once a day or up to twelve times. You customize when you want to receive them. You can retake the assessment at anytime as you feel you are growing in your walk. You will also receive discipleship training through devotionals from the pastor of GoDisciple Church along with other great aids to help every believer grow in in their Faith through sound biblical doctrine. A prayline is always open through email, text, or phone. Start your journey today and answer the call to "GO."

    -Daily scripture personalized to your needs.
    -Receive scripture on your schedule from 1-12 times daily.
    -Delivers a personalized experience with the Bible.
    -Write down your thoughts on the content using the notes feature.
    -Discipleship training from the pastor.