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    Experience a new and easy way to eat vegan in the SF Bay Area. With goVegn you can enjoy a vegan meal anywhere without the usual headaches and hassles. We’ve curated vegan menus for over 6,000 places and have verified the dishes that are vegan or can be veganized. We’ve also analyzed the things that matter to the community such as cross contamination, food handling shared equipment, eco- friendly practices, cruelty free materials, and health and allergy info. Eating plant-based, healthy and cruelty-free has never been easier.

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    Our Approach
    It's part art and part science. We research and analyze items at a granular level to determine if they are vegan or can be made vegan. We combine domain knowledge, technology and actual conversations with restaurants and stores to develop the goVegn database of verified vegan items.

    You can help the community by posting any vegan items you come across.


    - 100% vegan content.
    - Unique insights and in-depth analysis of places from a vegan point of view including vegan menu and vegan amenities.
    - Since it’s all vegan, you can simply search for "pizza", "burritos", or "ice cream" and won't get any omni results :)
    - Each menu item has been verified as vegan or veganize-able.
    -Add your vegan food photos and share tips on places you’ve visited.
    - Plan trips with "Save a place" feature.
    - Favorite menu items so you can access them on the fly.