English To Dutch Dictionary and Translator




    English to Dutch Dictionary and Translator

    English to Dutch Dictionary. More than 62,000+ English words.

    English to Dutch Translator. Translate complete paragraph, sentence or word. You can copy text from anywhere and paste it in translator to get Dutch meaning.

    English to Dutch dictionary app designed to help Dutch speakers to learn and improve their English language skills.

    √ Works Completely Offline
    √ Translate complete paragraph, sentence or word
    √ Copy / Paste Translation or word
    √ Text to Speech
    √ Save word in Favourite list
    √ Unfavourite word from Favourite list
    √ Easy and Fast Search. ­
    √ Search results exact match as well as suggestion match
    √ Shows Dutch Meaning of English words
    √ You can hear proper pronunciation of English words
    √ Light weight / Small in size with more words
    √ Press word in Word Search you can see meaning.
    √ English pronunciation
    √ Just play and learn English.
    √ Simple and Intuitive UI
    √ 62,000+ English words with Dutch meanings.

    This contemporary English to Dutch Translate Dictionary provides you with the unbelievable opportunity to search and find the translation of any word you want without the internet requirement.
    √ It has a history of unknown words and you can go back and find the words you searched in the latest future.
    √ It is a fast application, which shows immediate audio pronunciations for each of the numerous dictionary entries and as the user taps a word the speaker turns on instantly.
    √ It is a contemporary application, which provides you with numerous enhancements for iPhones, iPads and iPods

    We believe that the usage of our English to Dutch Dictionary and Translator will help you gain a fluent command of an international foreign language.