Nigeria Travel Guide

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    * Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad

    This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Nigeria. It features 6 different modules providing information of the Nigeria like Travel Info, Attractions, Map, POI Search, Translator & World Clock.

    COUNTRY GUIDE jam-packed with tons of attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping destinations with traveler ratings, reviews, image galleries, rich travel info and free, daily updates.

    1. Travel Info :

    √ Get the General Info about the Nigeria.
    √ Instructions that we need to follow at Nigeria to stay safe.
    √ Know the places around the Nigeria to have fun.
    √ Information to know how to reach via various means to the destination.

    2. Attractions :

    √ App shows available attractions, museums, beaches, things to do, landmarks, historical places.
    √ Information, address, near Hotels and ratings of the attraction selected.
    √ Shows distance from your current location and also it shows directions, landmarks, property location to selected attraction.
    √ Location of the attraction via Map with GPS.

    3. Map :

    √ Locates the Nigeria and the user location on map.
    √ Once the user opens the Map, it points us the all Hotels and Attractions of Nigeria.
    √ Has the call option and can check the address of the Hotel or Attraction.
    √ GPS facility is enabled to show the directions and route map.

    4. Translator :

    √ Translator acts as a virtual friend in the place where we don’t know the language of the respective city.
    √ User can translate a maximum of 54 languages from any language to any.
    √ Translator also has the feature to access maximum lines given by the user.

    5. POI Search :

    √ POI Search also acts as a Guide to help user in finding the directions from one place to another via GPS enabled Map.
    √ Find list of available Hotels, Attractions, Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, Drug Stores, Banks, ATM's, Shopping malls, Pizza huts, Gas Stations and Railway stations etc..
    √ Predefined & POI searches are available. It brings your Device one step closer to a full feature GPS system. It has a database pre-populated with more than 1200 POI categories. You can find the places you are looking for without any typing.

    6. World Clock :

    √ World clock is a feature designed to provide additional access to our users.
    √ User can get to know the current local time and also has the feature to know the current time of any city around the globe.