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    √ 30% Cheaper than Skype
    √ Up to $0.6 USD free credit for affordable international calls
    √ Able to display your current phone number ( Caller ID )
    √ Make affordable calls to India, China, USA, Nigeria, Mexico, UK, Nigeria, Brazil, Thailand, UAE, Germany, France, Kuwait, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, etc.
    √ Turn your iPad/iPod touch to an iPhone
    √ Enjoy free calls, free messages, free text, free conference with other WePhone Users
    √ Check In Daily to Earn Free Credits! $$$$$$$$
    √ Get Bonus Credits $$ for Each Call You Make
    √ Works right out of the box, hassle free, no registration required
    √ Ads free!

    ◆ Customer Reviews ◆

    ◉ "I love this app I didn't have to put any information or anything. And it let me start right away"
    by Imari

    ◉ "awesome!! This is by far the cheapest wifi call and 3G/4G call service I have found through all my research and the connections are very strong. I am so grateful for this app and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to the old-fashioned calling card. Thank you!!"
    by Grobie

    ◉ "This internet phone app is sooooooooooooo useful it is the only calling app I use on my iPod touch fifth generation"
    by Jaidenisawe

    ◉ "Easy interface - works as advertised"
    by Tonto

    ◉ "Great phone. I use lots of phone apps and this one works wonderful. No complaints. Rates are great. This one tops others all."
    by BackToMInd


    ◆ Why Use WePhone ◆

    ◉ extremely EASY TO USE!! Works right out of the box.

    ◉ call price is amazingly low, only list a few:

    United States: $0.01/min
    China: $0.018/min
    India: $0.0185/min
    Kuwait: $0.061/min

    ◉ get trial phone calls with gift credits to make cheap calls.

    ◉ free calls, free conferences, international texting between WePhone users.

    ◉ no hidden costs, no connection fee! no expiry date with the call credit.

    ◉ can switch to Premium Line for the best voice quality.

    ◉ make calls over WIFI/4G/3G/GPRS, no roaming costs even calling from abroad, call from anywhere at the same rates!
    ** making calls with 3G/4G/GPRS incurs data usage

    ◉ can Use Call Back (WePhone system calls you and then calls your destination) to get stable voice quality even with weak Internet connection.

    ◉ A single tap to purchase PAY-AS-YOU-GO credits using Apple ID.


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