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    Stock Market goes up and down
    Later on,You see news channels coming up with story "afterwards" why market went up and down?
    Generally you would see many stocks moves up and down "without any reason or rhyme"
    Are you thinking someone knows something that stock – maybe what you don't know - hmm ….
    Well - Yes - Big players who are holding those stocks - they want it to move in direction so that they can always make money
    Hence they would keep pushing stocks till you think that's the right direction for the stock
    Once all the retail investors are into the stock, the big guys slowly move away from these stocks
    Guess - Who loses - You are the bag holder -You are the sheep - Common person
    It's hard to fight this, however can we take advantage of it?
    Yes - TINO IQ is building algorithms to detect artificial manipulation in stocks
    Artificial Intelligence to combat Artificial Manipulation
    You may think - is that even possible?
    Don't listen to us: See our results
    Was that by chance? Check our results for last 2 years
    So Now you decide what you want to be ?
    A Sheep or a Lion

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