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    The Lessons app is a place to learn all things business from experts around the globe.
    The app hosts a community where aspiring people get to interact with subject matter experts in various streams such as Business, Technology, Marketing, Startups, Productivity, and Finance.

    Standing tall amidst other business apps - here are a few salient features of the Lessons app.


    What is a Lesson?

    In simple words-A Lesson is a collection of cards on a specific topic. For Example - How to use social media marketing to effectively grow your business?

    The lesson explains how social media marketing can be used for growing business through a collection of cards in the form of text, images, videos, audios, real-life experiences, and polls.

    Who can request a lesson?

    Anyone with business on their mind can request a lesson. For example, aspiring entrepreneurs, sales and marketing aspirants, product managers, people who want to be up to date on recent technologies and products, can request a lesson.

    Who can create a lesson?

    Again anyone who feels that they have the sufficient experience or knowledge to answer a particular lesson request can create a lesson.

    What are some of the examples lessons that are available on the app?

    By all things business, we literally mean all things Business.

    This is a broad overview on the various Business Lessons available created by top players in the Business industry

    Business and Operations

    -Business planning
    -Business skills
    -Whatsapp for business
    -Business apps
    -Business books to read
    -Work-life balance
    -Hiring the right people
    -Retaining top talent
    -Building a professional network
    -Business networking and communication skills
    -Business management
    -Selling the Product
    -Learning the art of Pitching
    -Increasing Sales
    -Understanding Customers
    -Reaching customers
    -Customer satisfaction
    -Brand building
    -Business insights


    -Thinking like a startup
    - Growing like a startup
    - Growth hacking
    - Crowdfunding
    - Pitching your startup to potential investors
    - Pitch Deck
    - Running a startup


    - Email marketing
    - Social media marketing
    - Digital marketing
    - Content marketing
    - Marketing through agencies
    - Mobile marketing
    -Video marketing
    -SEO tools
    -Analytics tools


    -Working smarter and not harder
    -Increasing team productivity
    -Productivity tools
    -Digital productive tools
    -Productivity apps
    -Techniques for improving productivity


    -Corporate finance
    -Finance for business
    -Finance for small business
    -Financing for a startups
    -Basic Business Finance
    -Organising finance for business
    -Finance apps
    -Finance management apps
    -Trading apps
    -Stock markets
    -Stock market apps


    -Technology apps
    -Technology news
    -Artificial intelligence apps
    -Machine learning
    -Google analytics
    -Facebook analytics
    -Analytics for Instagram
    -UI and UX
    -User experience design

    Knowledge sharing

    -Linkedin learning
    -Chalk street
    -Khan Academy

    Learn all these and much more from the Lessons Community!

    Advance your career by keeping yourself up to date on upcoming marketing trends, growth hacks, finance management techniques, productivity tools, business management techniques and ideal business plans.

    Stay connected with like-minded people.

    Learn Business on the go anytime anywhere through bite-sized lessons.

    Request and Learn from experts only at the Lessons app for Business.

    We are on our way to becoming the biggest network of people with business on their mind. We would love to hear from you. If you have a feedback on how we can serve you Business lessons better, shoot us a mail to