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    In today's world, people are moving more than ever. According to the US Census Bureau, American people move about 12 times in their lives. People are buying and selling goods online daily now more than ever. In our everyday lives we are able to get things done with a click of a button on our phones, tablets, etc. But why isn't moving just as simple? Whether you're moving across the country, state, or even town: moving is a logistical nightmare. Don't even mention trying to fit a table or that brand new 50 inch TV into your 2-door coupe. We have all been there!

    We decided that people should not have to go on multiple websites and applications to properly move their families and belongings. Our mission is to make sure our customer is as stress free as possible from the time they pack their pillow until they rest their head in their new home. MyGreat is an end-to-end solution for students, young professionals and families to move modern!

    MyGreat is a digital moving platform that helps people find storage facilities, sell unwanted goods and move their items from end-to-end.
    We Decided To Make Moving Modern..
    Connecting you with On-Demand Moving services
    Storage Facility Location
    Online Marketplace for Unwanted Items
    All On One Platform.