Tunes-Remote can be used in two different ways :

    The app has been created primarily to control music remotely over a Wifi network between to iOS devices i.e. iPod, iPhone and iPad. At the heart of the app is the remote control that allows you to access and play music remotely. One device would be the host device and the other would be the remote device. The host devices is the device on which the music is stored an being played. Assume that this device is connected to a music system.
    Both devices need to be connected to the same wifi network.

    The remote device can gain access to the host device via password access. The remote device can create playlists, edit playlists and change current playing songs on the fly.

    Voice announcement : The remote device has the option to make announcement over the network that would play through the host device.

    Image sharing : Rooms can be created and images shared on the wall. Images can be posted by either host or remote device.