The Little Pink Book




    Some things should not be shared!

    Politically incorrect is back!

    Have some fun storing acquaintances details and images in your own secure application.

    Having an embarrassing blank moment then look through your images for their name.

    Take notes of how your date went and what to and not to talk about.

    Not just limited to friends, store meeting places as well.

    Use it for hidden contacts.

    No data is collected or stored on the internet.


    -Discrete icon.

    -Optional password protection.

    -Optional automatic shut down if left idle.

    -Add friends from your contacts.

    -Phone and text from your app.

    -Add images from on your phone or with your camera.

    -Take notes.

    -Rate your friends.

    -Hides switcher snapshot.

    -Returns to start from background.


    This app does not link to social media as mentioned earlier some things should not be shared.

    Free version is limited to three friends and one image each ( No annoying adds).

    A once only upgrade to unlimited friends and photos can be purchased in the application.

    I look forward to your feedback for future updates.

    Coming soon-

    Search options.

    Customised skins