JobStep Executive




    Create your own portfolio of career achievements through a projects-based approach. Earn points and climb the global/industry rankings visible also to recruiters.

    What you can do with the APP:

    • Executive Job Search
    Earn visibility towards companies looking for top managers (CEO, CTO, CFO, CIO, CMO, Senior Project/Temporary Managers, etc.) receiving just job offers suitable for your level.

    • Career Achievements
    Describe projects that have characterized your professional path explaining your achievements through 15 intuitive criteria related to managed resources, hard and soft skills developed.

    • High Privacy
    Your surname will be shortened and contact details hidden to other members. All confidential information will be only displayed to companies and recruiters actually interested in your profile.

    • International Personal Branding
    Gain international visibility easily through the automatic English translation feature. Make your contents and descriptions available to companies worldwide.

    • Real-time Chat
    Download the APP and chat with us to receive assistance and more information about all the different features.