Journyx Mobile




    Journyx Mobile allows you to use your mobile phone to fill out your timesheets and reimbursable expenses and submit them for approval when you don't have access to a computer - or even a network. You MUST have a login account for an existing Journyx (tm) or Journyx PX(tm) site in order to use this app. The Journyx app includes access to all of your time, expense and custom/mileage data, including your current and recent sheets. You can add new time and expenses or edit/remove existing entries. You can use your memorized entries to create new ones, and you can attach pictures of receipts from your phone. If you are working offline, you can refresh your mobile data with your Journyx server when you regain network access.

    The Journyx mobile app also allows managers to review and complete approvals of time, expense, custom and project data.

    NOTE: Journyx server version 10.1m1 or higher is required.