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    Guangzhou branch hk arts electronic Technology Co., LTD. (through Kebye Electric Technology Co., LTD) is a high-tech company, Guangzhou headquarters is located in Guangzhou baiyun district yongtai foot of baiyun mountain.Company in the first half of 2014 the innovation make world the first 8 inch powered unicycle, main products have 8 inch powered unicycle Gotway M0, Gotway MTen 10 inches electric unicycle, Gotway MCM14 powered unicycle, Gotway Msuper 18-inch powered unicycle, brushless yuntai, four axis aircraft, etc.Self balancing alias thinking models, is a kind of electric drive, individual with a self balancing capacity transportation vehicle, is one of the city with traffic tools, is a kind of unprecedented new means of transport.Applied to personal transportation, work patrol, indoor venues, golf carts, police patrol patrol, exhibition, large venue staff transportation, tourism, entertainment and car pick up, and many other aspects.GotWay unicycle - by far the most valuable self-balancing electric unicycle, it with the lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery for power supply.A top speed of 28 km, built-in accelerometer gyroscope, the reaction time is less than 20 milliseconds, full of electricity to run 20-90 kilometers (different models, the user usage and environmental impact).Gotway provides users with a simple, convenient and practical transport, bring you an unprecedented move and driving new experiences.Using space attitude control technology and fuzzy algorithm to develop a new generation of electric unicycle, also called self balancing car, rover, thinking.Compared with other traditional means of transport, with a lighter, smaller, more fashionable, better user experience, and technological advantages, such as lower cost.Its power consumption per hundred kilometers is only 1 degree.Can be used as a fitness, entertainment, short trips, short-distance transportation vehicle.

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