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    Drinking habit to start from the 1st 1000ml!

    In the case of adults, even just normally are living water of about 2000~2500ml is lost from the body in one day.Therefore, the minute of water that is lost will need to be firmly replenished every day.

    However, it is to be able to intake water from meal to eat everyday to say that hydration, there are also those made by metabolism.By subtracting them, it is said that purely be plus or minus zero If you take about 1000ml per day as drinking water.

    Of course, this is the minimum required amount of supply. This is where you want to aim a day 1500~2000ml If you are thinking of hydration for health and beauty.

    “Mizunomuo(Water drink o)” is an application that supports your hydration along with Mokyukyara.Since Mokyukyara is variously changed in accordance with the moisture replenishment amount, you can manage the hydration while enjoying.

    ■Performance features
    ・I can see at a glance moisture replenishment amount of today
    ・How much of the water supply in time, it can be confirmed by history (editing is also possible)
    ・Cute Mokyukyara
    ・Calendar (Hanko is pushed to the 1st 1000ml or more drank day)
    ・Statistical data (start date, total, average, etc.)

    First of all, 3 weeks (21 days) followed by Let's habit of daily hydration!

     Copyright (c) 2014 Boris Emorine. Copyright (c) 2014 Sam Spencer.
    Released under the MIT license

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