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    Our vision is simple, there is nothing more important in a successful business then long term relationships with clients. We understand, do to the nature of the business, how easily it can be to get complacent and lose the relationship after the closing.

    That is where our app comes in… Acting as your personal Client Care Manager, Keyzz integrates and automates successful old-school follow up techniques; Reminding you via a push notification to your phone of your client’s key dates like closing anniversary, birthday, holidays and any custom follow-ups.

    THE DIFFERENCE - KEYZZ seamlessly connects you to our Concierge, where you can seamlessly purchase a gift or card to be sent directly to your client’s doorstep with a personal message from you.

    We strive to build repeat & referall business, while promoting your sphere to work for you. Simply put, Keyzz allows you to manage time more efficiently; so let our app do the thinking, while you do the selling.

    The process is simple, here’s how it works:
    - Download the app and register your profile. Import your current and past clients. Once a client has a closing date on a property, an agent will add the date to the client profile. Shortly before closing, you will be reminded to purchase a closing gift with a push notification.

    - Swipe open the app and you will be taken to your Client Concierge, your personal Client Care Manager. Choose between closing gifts and make the purchase all within a few clicks. The gift will be delivered to your designated office address.

    - Once the closing takes place, the client address will update to their closing address. This will start a workflow for the client(s), where you will be reminded to send them gifts/post cards periodically; for events like Holidays, Birthdays, & Closing Anniversaries.

    - Each gift sent will come with a personal message to promote your client to share their story, via a testimonial, on social media platforms such as Facebook. This will make you, the agent, sticky/viral, and organically increase referrals by having your clients work for you.

    Features List:
    Client Concierge
    - Your personal client care manager, stay in touch with clientele well after the transaction via our follow up workflow & gifting solutions SOI Management
    - Keep tabs of your sphere via automated push notifications and our post-close CRM database

    Set & Forget
    - Order postcards in advance to get all the holidays throughout a year covered. No need to return to this task constantly

    - Build, share, save, and start your trip of showings Seamlessly with Integration through google maps API

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