Rheumatic Fever Prevention - Student Exercises




    This Student Exercises app is for use by Educators and Teachers to support the National Hauora Coalition (NHC) Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme.

    It aims to engage students in ideas and resources that are relevant, accessible and fun to use. It should be used in conjunction with the Teachers' Guide supplied by NHC.

    The primary message relates to the need to get a sore throat checked, including content about what a sore throat feels like; where to get it checked; and what happens there. Secondary messages are: the need to take the full 10 days antibiotic treatment and what it can lead to if you don’t; and the importance of healthy homes.

    The Student Activities provided are targeted for Māori and Pacifica students aged 5 to 13 years, with a focus on aged 9-11 years.

    This digital book contains narration in English language.


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