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    From the creator of the hit app Postr comes Koffyy, a new app that solves an age old problem.

    -Easily save your favorite food items, Koffyy will automatically tag the location so you can remember where you got it and will give you directions to it with a single button tap!
    -Share your items with your friends directly from the list view! Since Koffyy automatically crops the images you take to a square, your items are Instagram ready!
    -The Koffyy Map will show you all of the items that you've saved in a convenient map view!
    -3D Touch ready! Easily add an item by pressing firmly on the app icon and quickly preview items in the list view with another firm press! *Requires iPhone 6s or later.
    -Apple Watch app included! Easily view your list from your wrist!

    Don't forget to follow the company page on Twitter @A_CAG_Product for news and previews of my software! :-)