Get a silage expert in your mobile phone!

    LALSIL app. is your personal assistant to succeed your silage management. The app offers different calculators:
    • CORN SILAGE INVESTIGATION - To prepare your next year harvest according to the silo audit made from the ongoing year (density, pH, temperature). The aim is to detect the margins of improvement on the farm to help farmers optimizing their forage quality, proving them with a full report.
    • BETTER READ A LABEL - To understand the composition of an inoculant. The premix and the concentration of bacteria is a key element to compare and check the effectiveness of the additives (CFU/g of forage).
    • ADJUST THE APPLICATOR - To adjust your harvesting equipment material. Both self-propelled harvesters and balers can be selected to provide the flow rate of the applicators and its range of work.

    LALSIL app provides also different services like:
    • An accurate weather forecast for your local conditions, guiding the farmers to decide the best window of harvest according the weather conditions, temperature and risks of rainfalls
    • The catalog of silage additives developed under the LALSIL brand, detailing the specific formula and benefits for different types of silage

    Lallemand is a Canadian company founded in Montreal at the end of the 19th century. The company develops, produces and markets yeasts, bacteria, and derivatives of microorganisms for applications in bakeries, oenology, animal and human nutrition industries, pharmaceutical industry and other food and agricultural industries. Lallemand animal nutrition core products include live bacteria for probiotics and silage inoculants, specific yeast with metabolic activity in different species of animals, mineral rich yeast and high-value yeast derivatives.