Laundry NFC




    The idea behind LaundryNFC started from a very real problem that the developer was having. She would wash the same load of laundry not once, or twice, but sometimes as many as three times ...only because she would forget to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. After hours of wet clothes sitting in the washing machine she had two options 1) wash them again or 2) toss them in the dryer and risk that they come out smelling like mildew. There had to be a better way to remember there were clothes in the washer. Solution: LaundryNFC.

    LaundryNFC is a set of NFC tags, one for the washer, and one for the dryer, and a companion mobile application. To start a reminder, simply tap your NFC enabled phone against the tag and it will automatically start a countdown based on the wash and dry times configured by YOU. When the laundry is complete, you will receive a push notification to your mobile device reminding you which machine has finished.

    Unfortuneatly the NFC tags are not compatible with iOS devices at this time even though as of the iPhone 6 the phone has NFC enabled. As soon as Apple opens up the API for developers, the tags and app will be updated to support the companion NFC tags. Until then, enjoy this mobile application and use your finger to tap on the washer and dryer to begin the countdown.

    To purchase the companion NFC tags for this mobile application, visit