Monster Academy - Little Fox Storybook




    Little Fox, a language education company that teaches English through animated stories, presents its popular series “Monster Academy” as a Storybook App! Meet the charming characters at Monster Academy where strange things are happening all the time!

    [Monster Academy Introduction]
    Ben loves his new school Monster Academy. Everyone is friendly, especially the pretty witch Winnie. But strange things are always happening at the school. Also, the mayor of People Place wants to close Monster Academy. Can the ghost Ben and his monster friends save the school?

    [Storybook App Features]
    - Watch anytime, anywhere on your smartphones and tablets.
    - English captions for every chapter.
    - Learn English naturally while enjoying the animated story.
    - Broaden imagination and creativity while watching the animated story.
    - Enjoy the animated story in HD quality.
    - Watch without a Wi-Fi or network connection after downloading the story.
    - “Restore Purchase” function saves your purchases if you delete and reinstall the app.

    [World Renowned Recognition and Awards]
    - 2015, 2016 Selected 1st place for the “Best Brand for Kids Index” in the Online English Learning Category by consumers for the second consecutive year
    - 2015 Korea EduAward, Elementary School English Education Category
    - 2014 USA Teachers’ Choice Award, for the Family & for the Classroom
    - 2013 USA National Parenting Publications Awards, Gold Winner
    - 2013 USA Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class
    - 2003 Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA) Prime Minister’s Commendation
    - 2002 Italy 39th Bologna Children’s Book Fair, New Media Prize
    - 2001 Korea Digital Contents, Grand Prize Winner and Gold Winner

    [In-App Items]
    - “Monster Academy” has a total of 30 chapters.
    - The first 6 chapters (Chapters 1-6) are free.
    - The remaining chapters (Chapters 7-30) are available for purchase.
    - Each chapter is $0.99, but the price for all chapters is $5.99.

    NOTE: The prices above are in USD, and the actual price at the time of purchase is subject to change due to currency exchange rates and sales tax.

    [App Access Permissions Notice]
    * Required Access Permissions
    The following permissions in the stated areas are required to use this app.
    - Storage: to store user downloaded content
    - Device/App history: to maximize services and check errors

    * Little Fox storybook apps are fun and educational for children of all ages! Stay tuned for more Little Fox Storybook apps. Hope you are excited!