Snail Turbo Adventures




    Snail Turbo Adventures is an amazing Classic Platformer and adventure game.
    snail is here,with more levels, fast and fun game play.Still free download and completely free to play !

    Little Fast Snail is in the dangerous jungle,you must help him to get out and to reach home.Start the fantasy adventure with the snail and enjoy.

    How To Play:

    * Use left/right arrow to let the snail move.
    * Use A button to jump.
    * Avoid enemies or jump onto top of them to kill them.
    * Collect coins as much as possible.
    * Do not fall off the ground.


    * free physics arcade
    * bunch of witty mumbling snails
    * perfect boredom killer & travel companion
    * 24 levels
    * easy controls
    * merciless time limit
    * logic puzzles for kids and adults
    * beautiful hand-drawn graphics
    * a must for all nature lovers
    * great fun for kids and the whole family
    * main antagonists are scorching sunbeams and rolling stones
    * loads of bonus items to be collected (honestly, you only can gather stars but there's lots of them)

    Many fun levels are waiting for you, 1 2 3 GO GO GO !