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    SPUD Movies is your companion to finding new movies to watch and sharing recommendations for movies and TV shows with friends.

    * What's New on Your Favorite Streaming Service
    There are so many different great streaming services. So it can get hard to track what new movies and shows are coming. We make it simple to find which shows and movies are hitting each month.

    * Weekly Human Curated Movie Playlists
    SPUD gives you access to weekly human curated playlists to movies that fit a holiday, celebration, or even just movies coming or leaving your favorite streaming service. These are hand picked by movie lovers just like you. We have all had those moments of constant scrolling through movies online trying to find something that fits your mood. With limitless access to movies and TV shows at your fingertips, it can get pretty overwhelming to find something to watch.

    * Create Your Own Movie/TV Show Lists with Friends
    SPUD allows you create social playlists that allow both you and your friends to add movies or shows to. Simply add your friends within the app and receive notifications when your friend recommends a movie or TV show. You and your friends can also create playlists of your favorite Brad Pitt movies or best movies for that date night in. SPUD makes it extremely simple to browse through these lists and watch trailers to find which movie really hits your current mood.

    * Access to Thousands of Movies / TV Shows
    SPUD gives you access to search for thousands of movies and TV shows to look at details, watch trailer, and even see what other movies The Rock has been in. (He's been in A LOT)

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