Racking Calculator




    The Racking Calculator is an invaluable tool for Vinyl Fence Fabricators, Installers and Sales Personnel.

    Uses Include:

    Concealed Gate Block System
    Building a racked gate with this system requires the gate block to be cut on an angle specific to each individual gate width and the rack required. The Racking Calculator will automatically calculate this angle for any size gate and rack. Simply enter the gate width in inches, the rack needed in inches and the Racking Calculator will calculate the angle needed.

    Custom Fabricating Racked Fence Sections
    Fabricating racked fence sections or posts requires the fabricator to enter a rise angle specific to the individual section into their routing software. This rise angle dictates how the CNC machine will offset and elongate holes on a section or post. The Racking Calculator will provide this angle in seconds for any job. Enter the section length in inches, the rack needed in inches and the Racking Calculator will automatically provide the rise angle.

    Sales Personnel
    A salesperson can enter an entire line of fence in inches, the amount of overall incline in inches and the Racking Calculator will provide the rise angle for that line. This information can be submitted with a purchase order allowing the fabricator to easily produce a custom routed fence for their customer. This eliminates staggered top lines and the guess work of installers having to attempt it in the field.