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    THIS FREE VERSION ONLY ALLOWS ONE PATIENT. Check this version, then purchase our full version for unlimited patients!

    The ultimate application for Manual Therapists! Whether you are a new or an expert manual therapist, this application will be your most valuable tool for treating your patients.

    FAQ, VIDEO presentations, more screenshots and support in our site.

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    * One patient. For unlimited patients, purchase our full version.
    * Forms for both new and expert therapists.
    * Personal data for your patients with consent forms.
    * Take notes with handwriting, video, photo, sounds.
    * Subjective Examination, including:
    - 24h behaviour
    - History
    - General Health
    - Screening Questions
    - Patient opinion
    - Safety questions
    - Activity restrictions
    * Body chart drawing with colors, various body parts and drawing tools.
    * Planning P/E screen to organize your treatment, including Examination Summary, possible contraindictions and P/E plan.
    * Physical Examination screen which includes:
    - Observation
    - Active Movements
    - Passive Physiological Movements
    - Passive Accessory Movements
    - Neurological examination
    - Neurodynamic examination
    - Palpation and other tools
    * Treatment schedule and treatments, including
    - Methods, Exercises, Homework and Notes
    - Photos, videos, sound recording and other tools.
    - Next treatment planning

    The all-in-one physiotherapist's tool!