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    Introducing eBodyScore!!!!

    eBodyScore turns your iPod or iPhone into a scoring sensor for use in martial arts training or competition. eBodyScore uses custom calculations along with the built in accelerometer to measure impact. The app may be used separately or paired to the sparMaster Scoring system (sold separately) to create a truly electronic scoring experience. eBodyScore connects to the sparMaster Scoring Base Station via Wi-Fi.

    eBodyScore allows you to set the sensitivity of the impact force required to score a body shot. No special chest guards or scoring socks are required and your iPhone/iPod can be mounted to a bag, pad or chest guard using an off-the-shelf armband designed for your specific device.

    Give your students the tools to help them build and deliver explosive kicking and punching techniques. Pair two eBodyScore remotes up with sparMaster Scoring and have a "kick off" between two students to see who can score the most points in a limited time. Raise the sensitivity and have them do it again and again...building speed, power and have FUN!!!! The drills/games are endless!!!

    eBodyScore connects to the sparMaster Scoring base station just as a standard remote does...setup is super easy and quick. For additional information, please see sparMaster Scoring.