Mozart Rhythmic Studies

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    A new approach to practice and learn rhythms by playing Mozart Motives, Subjects, Phrases and Songs.
    Mozart Rhythmic Studies uses iCore Motion technology to turn your iPhone into a musical instrument.
    Every rhythmic exercises is linked to a Mozart composition and targets a specific rhythmic concept. Your iPhone will respond to your rhythmic performance in real-time by playing a motive, subject, phrase or song by Mozart.

    All music statements were taken from Mozart Piano Concertos, Symphonies, Sonatas, String Quartets, Operas and more.

    You play by shaking your iPhone as if it were a Bell (a Tap button is also included as an alternative way of playing.) At the end of every exercise you will receive a performance Report with your Tempo Deviation, Mistakes and Rhythmic Accuracy.

    Exercises are organized in:
    Motives - short 1-bar musical ideas by Mozart in sequence of 4 measures long
    Subjects - medium length musical subjects by Mozart
    Phrases - longer musical ideas from well-known Mozart pieces
    Sections/Songs - complete sections and/or songs by Mozart.

    A complete eBook with all the exercises is included and may be printed from within the app (individually or all together). The eBook is also available as a free download so you can open it in your computer or tablet at

    The app includes a metronome and a play button which you can use to play the current exercise.