Amyloidosis Clinical Resources




    Amyloidosis Diagnosis and Treatment App for healthcare professionals
    A rare and challenging set of diseases including light chain (AL – kappa / lambda), transthyretin (hereditary, ATTR), secondary (AA) and wild-type (formerly called senile systemic), this app provides clinically relevant information that offers healthcare professionals a brief yet practical disease overview and interactive tools which can lead to earlier diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.
    The content has been developed by Borm Bruckmeier Publishing in collaboration with the Amyloidosis Research Consortium and is intended for practicing physicians, resident physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with amyloidosis. 

    Highlights include:
    • Descriptions of the most frequently seen types of amyloidosis
    • Clinical presentations
    • Signs and symptoms characteristic of amyloidosis
    • Differential diagnoses
    • Elements of the diagnostic workup including laboratory tests, biopsies, and genetic testing
    • Treatment strategies including stem cell transplant, disease-modifying medications, clinical trials and novel agents
    • Core treatment centres
    • Clinical trials
    • Comprehensive resources to share with patients including:
    ‣ Informative foundations and websites
    ‣ Support groups (USA and international)
    ‣ Treatment centers (USA and international)
    ‣ Educational webinars, disease pamphlets and guides
    ‣ Financial assistance for drugs and travel for treatment
    ‣ Caregiver resources

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