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    Cigarette has poison more than 4000. If you want to get rid of smoking with all the effects, review, highlight the risks, think about your earnings and repeat these.
    With this application, smoking cessation phases, you'll be able to analyze your health and your money that you can get from smoking. You can quit smoking.
    All you have to do is finish off your mind.

    * Enter information on the date you quit smoking, the amount of cigarettes you smoke daily and the price of the cigarettes that you use.
    - How many days hours and minutes that you're not smoking,
    - During this time your money saving not buying cigarettes,
    - Each future smoking cessation phase will be changes in your body

    will see and you'll be able to share your success screen via all social network.
    Analysis screen is updated every minute. In this way, you can see the current results.

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    This app has nine (9) language translations:
    - English
    - German
    - French
    - Italian
    - Japanese
    - Portuguese
    - Russian
    - Spanish
    - Turkish

    You can change application language in runtime.

    You exclude smoking and start back to life !!!

    If we will help you, we happy very much.

    Good luck...