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    ● Show your professionalism: declare the state of your vehicle before your trip with a simple photo (in case of damage).
    ● NO ambiguity: a quick and directed inspection thanks to a checklist predefined by the maintenance.
    ● Reduce paperwork: save time with a standard report generated automatically.
    ● A unique solution for any type of vehicle (tractor, trailer, bus, light commercial vehicle, light vehicle ...).

    For your business, MyInspection is:
    ● A way to extend your vehicles' life,
    ● A tool to reduce number of roadside repairs, and long-term vehicle immobilization,
    ● An accurate and up-to-date view of the fleet for maintenance.

    MyInspection will bring benefits to several departments of the company:
    ● Drivers: to inform as quickly as possible of a damage of any kind: if they recover a damaged material, they will let you know immediately,
    ● The garage: anticipate any maintenance and keep track of the damage: control your maintenance budget,
    ● Exploitation: ensure that the vehicles are in good condition and compliant, better customer satisfaction.
    ● A scalable solution that you can associate with the MyReward option.

    With MyInspection, ride safely!

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