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    Usher Professional has been rebranded to MicroStrategy Communicator!

    MicroStrategy Communicator provides the tools needed to instantly connect with the right people in a meaningful and contextual manner, whether you are coordinating a regional salesforce, a diverse customer population, a government disaster recovery team, or a global network of vendors, distributors, and partners. MicroStrategy Communicator provides identity discovery, location awareness, and two-way communications features that can be leveraged to coordinate activities across a distributed group of MicroStrategy Badge users.

    Discover nearby users and view select profile information
    • View users nearby based on Bluetooth proximity.
    • View users in a 5-mile radius using GPS.
    • Tap on a user to view their profile, including photo, title, and other contact information or attributes.
    • Launch a phone call, email, text message, Facetime, or in-app secure message.

    Search for users based on any criteria in the directory
    • Guided search makes it easy to find others based on any attribute in the directory.
    • Search on multiple criteria to tailor searches to the exact people needed.
    • Save results in Groups for quick access.

    View real-time maps of user location
    • View users on a map and easily zoom in and out, or move the map to see other areas.
    • Select an area of the map—square, radius, or lassoing—to choose users based on their location.
    • Save the users in a group.
    • Launch a group message or email.
    • Send users a secure, in-app message.

    Create, edit, and save user groups
    • Create groups based on searching directory attributes.
    • Create groups based on locations.
    • Combine attributes and location to target specific users for relevant and contextual communications.
    • Edit groups and save them with unique, meaningful names.

    Improve response to emergencies
    • Communicate, track, and manage users in real time.
    • Determine where impacted users are located.
    • Locate and communicate with emergency personnel to optimize deployments.
    • Communicate critical information to the right people and obtain real-time responses.

    Communicate with individual users or groups in-app or using standard methods like phone, text, and email
    • Two-way, in-app secure messaging allows users to send notifications, polls, and other quick messages.
    • Launch communications to individuals, based on groups, or by selecting area on map.
    • Allow users to respond quickly and easily by providing pre-populated responses.
    • View responses and send follow-up messages.
    • Report on messaging and responses.

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