Deep Sleep in Natural Sounds

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    My dear, how long have you been asleep when you have grown up listening to your mother's lullaby? You may not need to listen to your mother's lullaby and sleep on drugs, dear. My dear, you may have not slept early for a long time, and always stay up until two o'clock every night. Dear, I just want to send you a lullaby to let you sleep well tonight and later.

    At last, I ended up working for a day, but you were still sleepless with all kinds of life and work pressure and sleepless all night. I remember a woman writer who used to describe insomnia, "insomnia like a black smoke in a small Arabian bottle, hanging over my head," the suffering and suffering of a person. According to reports of adults at least one day to get eight hours of sleep, the body will be able to maintain health. If you're suffering from insomnia, put on your headphones and turn down the volume, starting from Schubert's opera "nocturne", relaxing, breathing gently, and slowly entering a sweet dream with the soothing music.

    Music has its own story, just like the people we listen to music. If we can resonate, it must be music that infects our thoughts and emotions.

    Some melody, although sad, but can make confusion become calm. The grayish style is indescribably touching.

    There is always a song suitable for you to go to sleep, tender and warm serenade, tell music to yourself at night, and let yourself sleep peacefully.

    The white noise of magic has amazing characteristics. It is like a white beam, composed of all colors, and we see white light. It's a question that some people might ask, what does white noise sound like? Can we really feel that a lot of people who have been treated with white noise say they sound like a sound of rain, or the sound of a wave like a wave beating a rock, or like a wind blowing the rustle of a leaf. This kind of voice can play a certain role of voice therapy for people of all ages. It is a kind of "harmonious" treatment voice.

    In fact, sometimes what you need is not text

    Just some melodious melody ear.

    It will flow between your heart and your heart

    The sound of wind, rain, waves, insects, birds and frogs can make you feel like sleeping in a mountain or a wooden house near the beach, letting go of all troubles and sleeping quietly.