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    FREE "Emergency Alert System" sponsored by Omega Survival Supply, LLC., Dayton, Ohio.

    Allow push notifications and get important updates on happenings regionally, nationally, and in the world. If the stock market is crashing, we will let you know. If a serious international event has taken place, we will let you know. The Emergency Alert System focuses on events that are of interest to individuals, like us, who are concerned with being prepared for life's emergencies -- severe weather on the way, we will alert you.

    Other benefits our App provides:

    -- Education
    Access our Learning Center straight from the App to read mounds of articles on all sorts of survival/emergency scenarios, from earthquakes, to tornadoes, to EMP preparedness.

    Hit up our Youtube channel straight from the App to see the latest gear videos we've posted -- one of our most recent was the Skynet Drone Defense cartridges.

    Our Contact Info is live, straight on the App, 24/7, where we provide FREE consultation via text, email, or phone any time of day.

    -- Up-to-date Gear Reveals
    Stay ahead of the curve as we show you the latest in survival and preparedness gear via the App.

    -- Survival Equipment Sales Announcements
    When Omega gets a good deal on equipment, we pass it on to our clients. We promise not to bombard you with "sale announcements" -- we hate that as much as you do. This App is about the Emergency Alert System, but once a month we will let you know about something like a 30 Day Food Supply for under $100 . . .you know, things that people like us will probably appreciate.

    So to re-cap -- this App is centered around the "Emergency Alert System" for preparedness-minded individuals like us, but we do provide a few extras straight through the App which may be of help to you. We sincerely hope you appreciate it and we look forward to providing any assistance we can in your preparedness goals.

    Enjoy the App. Stay safe, watch your "six" -- and good luck out there.

    Omega Survival Supply, LLC.
    Dayton, Ohio