Dan Whitby Fitness




    About me.

    After serving over
    ten years in the British Army and being pushed both physically and mentally
    beyond what I thought was possible, I realised that the human body is an
    amazing thing.

    So I studied various
    areas of the fitness world including bodybuilding, power lifting and Olympic

    Through this I moved
    onto Cross fit, functional fitness and HIIT.

    When I left the
    forces (like many who have left the forces) I really had no idea what I wanted
    to do with my life. I ventured various jobs and travelled, but still didn't know
    what I wanted to do full time.

    It was my dad who
    said, "If you're going to get into a Career, you want to make sure you do
    something you love."

    That's when I knew I
    wanted to start a career in fitness, as that's where my passion lies.

    Now I have a great
    knowledge of different areas and I'm always learning something new.

    I also have a great
    variation of clients starting with the fitness classes I run in the local nursery
    for ages 3-5 to my PT and Bootcamp clients that range from 4 to 70 years of

    Some want to lose
    weight and some want to get stronger and/or more muscular etc.

    I love my job as
    there's always a new challenge and when my clients feel better and reach their
    goals. It's a real sense of achievement not just for my clients but for me as
    their fitness coach.

    My passion for
    fitness has continued from my wife and I to our daughter, who loves doing
    anything active and healthy.

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