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    miStable delivers more than 700,000 updates every month and is a key business tool for more than 400 trainers, studs and syndicators around the world.
miStable has been designed by those who know the thoroughbred industry and the importance of owner communication.
    Make your owners feel like they are with you at the track, sales or in the paddock. Direct from the app send video, send audio, send photos or send text reports in seconds. Send them all securely in seconds.

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    “miStable has become an invaluable asset in the daily running of our business. The information and communication to our clients has been improved remarkably which is vital. Our customised miStable website is also a great way to promote our business and reach new clients”
    - Kris Lees, Trainer.

    “Our team loves using miStable. We've found our website to be an effective way to showcase our horses for sale and we get a lot of interest through our website.”
    - Mick Price, Trainer

    Then pair your owners to you via the miStable Owners App. An app dedicated to owner needs, providing their horse updates as well as race notifications - the only system to provide an alert 9 minutes before the jump.

    miStable connecting trainers and owners around the globe.