Speak English basic




    - Can you read and write but still can't speak fluently?
    - Is English speaking difficult for you?
    - Do you need more English conversation practice?

    - Do you feel nervous speaking English?
    - Are you shy when you have to speak English?
    - Do you lack confidence in speaking English?

    ----> Do you want to Speak English Fluently?
    ----> Do you want to Speak English Confidently?

    Speak English basic can help you learn English Speaking so you can speak English fluently.

    With many categories/topics and over 5000 audios for you practice everyday:
    01. English Speaking Basics - Learn basics of speaking using common expressions.
    02. Regular Daily English - Study commonly used sentences in an everyday setting.
    03. Business English - Improve communication and gain confidence in an office.
    04. Interview English - Prepare for any kind of English speaking interview.
    05. Travel English - Learn how to say important sentences while on vacation
    06. English Listening - Improve listening skills with fun questions and answers
    07. English Pronunciation - Sound good and be understood
    08. English Grammar - Set the proper foundation by learning basics of grammar
    09. Idioms and Phrases - Learn words that are hard to translate
    10. Over 2500 vocabularies to speak.

    Also you can speak conversation and record it to practice in this app.
    Keep to learn and practice, you will success! GOOD LUCK!

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