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    Mississauga Chiropractic Dr. David W. Harper takes a whole body approach when treating patients. He believes that symptoms such as pain, fatigue and digestive problems are a sign that the body is out of balance. We do not want to simply cover up the symptom. Instead, we encourage you to listen to your body and learn what it is communicating to you. Although symptoms can be quite frustrating, they are similar to the oil light coming on in your car. Don't just cover the light up and keep driving. Let's get into the engine and take care of this vehicle. Get it? We not only want to help rid you of pain and remove your symptoms, but locate the cause of the problem, so your engine doesn't blow!

    The staff at Mosaic LifeCARE will guide you back to health through a unique regimen of computerize leading edge health and wellness assessments, proactive treatment options, training, education, and rehabilitation techniques. Each person is treated as an individual and we will listen to your concerns, challenges and health goals. Our staff at Mosaic LifeCARE include: chiropractor, Dr. David W. Harper, Dieticians, and office professionals and assistants that are ready and excited to assist you.

    Having practiced in Mississauga for over 25 years, Dr. David W. Harper is known as the go to Chiropractor and Wellness/Sports Specialist in the area.


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    Lifestyle is a wise choice for total health and well-being. This app will assist you on your journey by offering fresh and new information that will motivate and educate you on how to get the best from your care. You will learn about posture, exercise, attitude, and nutrition as it relates to chiropractic. This app will allow direct access to Dr. David W. Harper through email, phone and chat options.

    When your followers have the app, they will also get pushed notified with your live stream, watch, comment (via chat) using the app.

    To learn more contact us at :
    Dr. David W. Harper
    Mosaic LifeCARE & SportsCARE Institute
    Unit #11, 2800 Skymark Ave
    Mississauga, Ontario, L4W5A6
    1-844-MOVEWELL (668-3935)