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    Call out, converse and connect with Beckons!

    So if you're cool with putting the real you out there to possibly connect and converse on a social or professional level with anyone within a 150 ft. range, we're glad you found us.

    The concept behind beckons is simple, it works somewhat like a hyper-local Craigslist. You just throw out a beckon - a location appropriate message and anyone else within range can chat you up. It can be a great networking tool at a conference, a social tool at school or at the bar, a way to promote your unique skills, an opportunity to meet someone at ballpark, event, supermarket, etc. It's here to help you meet new people, just download it and do with it what you will.

    Here are some scenarios:

    On Campus:
    Rick - Calc study group L-204 7-10pm
    Christine - 3rd Starbucks today. Don't judge me.
    Mark - 2 tix to Sat's BBall game. $15 ea.
    Luis - Stats tutor 4 hire. $8 per hour.
    Amber - Need intro to hottie working @ bookstore.

    At a Bar:
    Scott - Warning! U sing MJ, I hit dance floor.
    Mika - Stayin' classy tonight. NO SHOTS!!!
    Rich - Bout to Karaoke Sir Mixalot. Taking apps 4 backup dancers.
    Eric - Beer pong opponent needed. Lightweights need not apply.
    Jackie - After party? Donde?

    At a Business Mixer:
    Jeanne - Social Media Maven looking to share my 40K followers.
    Adam - MBA w/strong coding background working in Bio-Tech
    Benton - Serving your needs in Trademark, Copyright and Business Law
    Erin - Executive Director - Franklin Center for the Performing Arts
    Carlos - How could your business benefit from professional video services?

    At the Mall:
    Andrea - Gonna go scratch my shoe shopping fetish!
    SBARROS - Free coke w/purchase of any slice. Codeword - Mr. Hahn
    Josie - GF's birthday. Need help w/ideas. ANYONE!?!?!
    Tamika - Puttin n work 4 my next haul video.
    Elmer - Pull your pants up!!!

    At a Soccer Game:
    Erin - Taking fam to John's Pizza after game. All are welcome!
    Gabriel - FYI - Dicks sporting good has 50% cleats right now
    Michelle - Snack bar volunteers needed next Sat!
    Alicia - BIG GAME this morn! Go Ladybugs, GO!
    Robby - It's about teaching character - not winning.

    In an Apartment Building:
    Eric - House of Cards viewing party. 9pm. Chez Daniel BYOB.
    Marcus - Just moved in. Need WiFi code until installer appt. on Tues.
    Lisa - I heard you this morning. ;)
    Toni - Anyone else having hot water issues?

    Get the picture? So get others to use it and look for a promotion in your area soon!

    One last thing - in order to keep the profiles as authentic as possible and the trolls that love anonymous social apps at bay, we currently require that you log in via Facebook. This means that you are putting the real you out there in order to make authentic professional and social connections...which is the point, right?

    So give beckons a try to get your message out to meet someone new.


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