Woodfrog Bakery




    The Woodfrog bakers know that one of the most important ingredients in good bread is time. In our view, real bread cannot be hurried because, like grapes in wine-making, our dough needs plenty of time to mature and for natural sugars, nutrients and flavour to be unlocked.

    At the Woodfrog we ferment our sourdoughs for 28 hours, resulting in a thin caramelised crust and open moist crumb.

    Loaves are hand shaped with a high moisture content, a process that results in bubbly caramelised crusts, and light and airy loaves that stay fresh long after they've been baked. Enjoy them for up to a week as crunchy toast that shatters in your mouth, loud enough to wake you for the day.

    Our sourdoughs contain no commercial yeast, and the sourness of our breads will not overpower whatever ingredient is along for the ride. Loaves are baked fresh every morning in St Kilda on the stone deck of our gas-fired oven and sold on the day.