Pt Pal Pro




    A PT PAL CLINICIAN MUST REGISTER YOU FOR PT PAL BEFORE YOU CAN LOGIN. YOU CANNOT REGISTER FOR THIS APP WITHOUT A CLINICIAN. If you are a patient without a Pt Pal Clinician, please contact us before registering for the app.

    Typically, patients and/or caregivers get photocopied (or verbal) instructions from their clinicians of how to perform their self-care tasks, exercises and activities. These instructions are so easy to lose (you have enough to keep track of!) and can be hard to read. If you have questions because something is not clear or missing, you can’t ask your clinicians through paper so you’re stuck on your own.

    Pt Pal can help.

    Pt Pal lets clinicians send medical instructions, self-care tasks, surveys, exercise and activity directions directly to your phone/tablet. We give you a clear set of instructions telling you exactly what to do, how to do it correctly (with video), reminding you which days to do it, how many times per day and for how long. So you don’t have to wonder, ‘Is this right? What did they say? Am I supposed to be doing it this way?’, or worse, just give up.

    Pt Pal tracks what you (or your child or your parent) have been assigned, what has been done, what has not been done, and all of that data goes back to your clinician so they can see how you are doing and you don’t have to remember.

    Pt Pal Pro is used with kids, adults and geriatrics by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Cardiac Rehabilitation Physicians Rehab Specialists and Women’s Health physicians. Really, any clinician/doctor that is giving paper instructions to the patient. If you or your child or your parent is a patient and you want a better solution, ask them if they are using Pt Pal. If they aren’t, and hand you another batch of paper, ask them why not? All doctors and nurses and therapists are documenting electronically, why are you still on paper?

    For clinicians, do you want your patients to do their homework? Pt Pal Pro is the patient engagement tool you have been looking for to better connect with your patients. Pt Pal Pro helps you:

    - engage your patients in their care

    - One-click order the patient education, activities, HEP, pre-defined protocols

    - view ‘homework’ – what did they do? What didn’t they do? How are they feeling about it? (NEW DATA!)

    - send clinical instruments/surveys with automatic scoring

    - show them it’s important and get better outcomes

    Taking care of yourself or your spouse or your kids or your parents is hard work. Clinicians stopped using paper because it’s not safe and causes clinical errors. You deserve the same level of support they have. Ask them about Pt Pal.