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    -Enhance your time spent on social media with Highlight Social.

    -Represent your-self, day week and life better with a simple highlight.

    -Take the most important part of your day and post as a highlight for everyone else to see. Not only will your followers see this highlight, but you can post public too.

    -The public feature allows you to network with anybody within your 2-mile geographic radius. The best part is your radius moves with you as you go. So, you do not have to limit your network to where you may live, you can have access to meet anyone within your radius at any given time no matter where you are at.

    -Traveling near and far? No problem, get on Highlight and find others in the public posting section to connect with and hear about the latest and greatest events and news going on right around you. Then make a highlight show those near you, and all of your followers you’ve made in your network no matter where those followers might be in relation to you.

    -Keep track of the success of your highlights, and if your highlight is truly a favorite among your followers then feel free to have another highlight to post more interesting parts about your day.

    -Build a network in a new and relevant way.

    -The first app that allows you to see the most important parts of your network’s day. Connect and network efficiently with Highlight Social! Highlight your day, highlight your week, highlight your life.

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