Just...those words that I can't say, the ones hidden in my heart.
    Sometimes, an anonymous chat makes it easier for my partner to understand me. Accompaniment is the most long-lasting confession, chemistry is the warmest protection. It turns out that consoling, chatting and making friends can be so easy.

    1. Completely free download
    The moment you find a successful match, you can start chatting for free immediately. From download to matching to chatting, you don't need to pay a single dollar.

    2. Simple yet not distorted
    a comfortable want to chat. No need to reveal your personal information and appearance. Simply use your true, genuine voice to understand each other. Find a little monster that is on the same frequency as you. Mutually anonymous system, only people who are interested in you will know that you are also interested in them. You can send chat invitations to those who you've given a Super-like.

    3. A safe and highly private environment
    Pick any topic you want, share your innermost thoughts. A private space that you can chat to your heart's content safely. Through an anonymous and secured chat system, let your concealed thoughts flow out at ease.

    4. Clean and healthy image
    well-established reporting and blocking system
    We will perform daily reviews of the reports and filter/block all the problematic users. This is all to maintain the quality of the chats. We rather sacrifice our user numbers and use a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the harassers!

    5. We are very honest
    Every single user is a real person
    You won't find bots here, because nobody wants to talk with a bot

    6. Consoling Mailbox
    the most unique way to interact with your close friends.
    Sharing thoughts, answering life questions, asking sincere questions, confessing your love. Create your own Consoling Mailbox/Questions Inbox/Anonymous Mailbox and hear your friends out. They might be telling you a secret!

    [paid member description]
    ◆ MonChats' various scheme prices can be purchased in the honey page of the app.
    ◆ Subscription period: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
    ◆ Once the charge is made, you cannot request a refund.
    ◆ Will be automatically debited through Apple iTunes, Apple iTunes account will be debited within 24 hours before expiration, deducted according to the subscription cycle.
    ◆ To cancel the renewal, manually turn off the auto-renew feature in iTunes/Apple ID Settings Management 24 hours before the current subscription expiration date, and use until the end of the subscription period.

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