Pantagea is about spreading peace and love around the Globe, where everybody can share their vibrations.

    Pantagea (Pan-ta-jee-uh) is generated from Pangea or Pangaea "The hypothetical landmass that existed when all continents were joined, from about 300 to 200 million years ago" and Panthalassa "The ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangea."

    This is why we chose our application name as Pantagea and motto as “a World in Unity."

    Amplify the power of your heart's intention with our app for engaging the collective love vibration.

    Pantagea is all about sending and receiving good vibrations that can affect your life in a fun and very positive way. The app allows you to participate in anonymity, if needed, and it is a safe for all ages.

    The app helps you increase and extend loving intentional vibrations surrounding a personal, community or global event. In just a few clicks you can form groups, invite participants, and share your request for a joining of their heart’s energy to achieve the highest good for all concerned.

    Too often we want to 'do something' about a situation, but feel too busy, too remote, too alone, or too inconsequential. Now, through Pantagea, it takes only seconds to connect your heart with events on the app. There you can offer love and support to others through your form of prayer. There is no need for a shared language, culture, or religion — just the joining of hearts' intentions.

    The app allows you to see your energy in action and the deep appreciation of those receiving your prayers. Watch as shared vibrations increase.

    The app contains the following features:
    • Vibes - You may choose your vibration, create your group, set your intentions and schedule it
    • Reminders - allows you to form your group in advance and post it when the time is right
    • Manifestations - a unique and easy way to focus on your vision and allow it into your life
    • Journal Page - a way to share experiences and learn about this unique field of unity and love

    Start sharing your time and energy and be part of raising the vibrations.

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