Placed Recruitment




    Placed is a London-based, revolutionary mobile and web app that effectively matches candidates to hospitality venues based on skills, past experiences and personality.

    For our candidates:
    - Fun, friendly and easy to use on your mobile and web!
    - No CV’s needed: simply create your profile by answering our fun and friendly questionnaires
    - Apply to great jobs at London's best venues with a simple click!
    - Get access to hot industry news as well benefits and discounts at some of London's coolest spots
    - Get access to job vacancies at the hottest, most desirable venues to work in London
    - Track your applications as well as upcoming and past interviews
    - Get rewarded for inviting your friends and contacts to register on the app
    - Free to download and use as much as you like at no cost

    For venues:
    - Our advanced matching and filtering system will make sure you only match with candidates that are totally suitable to work at your venue
    - Faster response times: our candidates are prompted to respond to your interview requests within 24 hours
    - Quality control: our notifications and rating systems ensure that candidates are still active and scoring well enough to be using the app
    - Centralised platform: invite candidates to interviews or direct message them directly through the app
    - Track past and upcoming interviews which are also synced to your calendar as well as the option of seeing what you rated each candidate
    - Easily activate or deactivate jobs post as you like. Once you've created a job post you can simply reactivate that post; no need to continuously create new ones!

    Placed is here to completely simplify the recruitment process, creating an easy and effective platform for candidates and venues to connect. Place or Get Placed: the future of recruitment, today!

    Need help or have any questions? We’re always available. Just write to us on: