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    The OMC Remote App is your companion app to the One Man Crew Director from Redrock Micro, an automated camera slider that adds camera movement completely on its own. The app is simple and intuitive, enabling you to configure and control the slider and start and stop the camera from up to 40’ away. It’s a perfect remote control for anyone doing self-interviews, or if you are one person controlling multiple cameras.

    The award-winning One Man Crew Director (OMC-D) is perfect for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their videos without adding an additional person to operate the slider, and is especially well suited for interviews or talking head videos. The OMC Remote App works with the OMC-D to remotely configure the slider, control the position and speed of movement, and start/stop the camera record.

    Key features:
    • Beautiful user interface makes setup and operation a breeze
    • Start and stop the camera from the app (with the optional camera-specific start/stop cable)
    • Intuitive
    • Control both camera and slider from up to 40 feet away, great for vloggers or self-interviews

    Filmmakers, independent producers, and owner/operators rave about the One Man Crew Director:

    “for commercial/corporate shooters, journalists, musicians, or other independent creators, the One Man Crew Director effortlessly adds precisely-oriented movement to otherwise static shots, delivering a level of production value that is far superior to anything one person could do on their own, and far more economical than adding a crew member with a slider to provide the same effect.” – Crew of One

    “If you are looking for a way to systematically get great interview footage that looks super professional, this product really cannot be beat.” –

    “Redrockmicro have created a unique product – it works as advertised and gives some fantastic results.”

    Best of Show Award, NAB 2014 - DV Magazine

    Product of Year 2014 – Videomaker magazine

    PLEASE NOTE: This app is a companion to the One Man Crew Director, which is required to use the app.

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