Doji Star




    The First and Only Mobile Application of its kind that gives you the power of candlestick analysis for success in the stock market. Doji Star gathers the data from hundreds of stocks being traded and uses the seasoned method of candlestick charting and analysis to identify patterns that are virtually impossible to detect otherwise. This method gives traders an insight into what the market is thinking, and that knowledge can help determine when to enter and exit trades. Our intuitive technology will simply the trading experience for you by first detecting the pattern and then distinguishing it among dozens of candlestick patterns to give you a comprehensive report: All in a single, easy to read screen.

    Doji Star App offers a premium version which provides unlimited daily candlestick matches. The 3-month subscription is only $14.99. The subscription would be automatically renewed at the end of the initial paid period. If you do not wish to renew your subscription for any reason, please cancel it by logging into your iTunes account and canceling it at the Apple App Store.