Warning: AuditCube is available for SafetyCube users only.

    This application is designed to provide auditors with a capability to conduct audits without internet connection. The audit is uploaded from the server and when completed, the results are automatically transferred. Auditors can perform their audit with a complete freedom, using their tablet to take pictures and being able to attach documents.

    The audit software has been designed in cooperation with highly experienced aviation auditors from IATA. All the audit process is integrated and from preparation to issuance of conformance reports, the AuditCube will help you to save time and to be much more efficient.

    Audits are the primary source for Safety Assurance in aviation. Every organization, airlines, airports, maintenance and repair organization is responsible for conducting audits to demonstrate that they are compliant with regulatory or internal standards. This task can become extremely time consuming.

    With the AuditCube, Safety Line provides an efficient solution to solve this issue. Thanks to an integrated audit management software, each organization can handle all type of audits, including (but not limited to):
    - IR-OPS
    - IOSA
    - ISAGO
    - APEX
    - ISO
    - Etc.

    For more information, please visit the SafetyCube’s website: